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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Razel and PT

Aron Razel spent Shabbos with us this past week. In addition to loving his music, the MoC family all love Aron and his holy wife Efrat, personally. They are one of the sweetest couples you could ever meet (and their three boys, all four years old and under, are the cutest). (Remind me to tell the story of how Aron met Efrat. It's priceless).

During the Friday night meal (I didn't get sick until Shabbos afternoon), I casually asked Aron how the gig with Moshe Skier went. (I had arranged for Moshe Skier and his band to back up Aron in Chicago last month).

He got up from his chair, came over to mine, and gave me a hug.

He explained that in all his years, he had never seen anything like it. The band new every song note by note, chord by chord (Aron's music is very funky and very much not your typical Jewish music). He said they were amazing. He only wished that he had been able to line up a few more gigs while he was out there.

So props to PT for making me look good.


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