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Friday, August 25, 2006

How I Met and Married MHW. Part II, Scene II. Seven Weeks

When we last left off, after falling in love with MHW in a case of love at second sight, and declaring, unbeknowst to MHW, that I was going to marry her, I called MHW to ask her out for the coming Saturday night.

To my shock and dismay, MHW, who initially thought I was calling her to get someone else's number!!! informed me that she was busy that night. I was momentarily speechless (a rare event indeed). Thankfully, MHW suggested that perhaps we could get together on a different night and we settled on Sunday.

While I hadn't been completely blown off, I was disappointed that MHW would be going out with someone else that Saturday night. She was supposed to be MY wife for goshsakes!

While sitting in my apartment on Wednesday evening, licking my wounds and resigned to the fact that some Bozo would be going out with my future wife on Saturday night, the phone rang. It was MHW. "My plans changed. I'm actually free this Saturday night if you would still like to get together."

Wow. Time to buy the tux.

In the event, MHW's plans hadn't exactly changed. She changed them. This was so totally uncharacteristic of MHW that, to this day, I can't believe she did it. And, it tests the disbelief of those who reject the concept of bashert.

Game plan back on. How long was it going to take me to convince this beautiful, amazing young lady that she wanted to marry me as much as I wanted to marry her?

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