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Monday, October 23, 2006

Nochi Krohn: Not So Simple

This post is in response to a post by my Jblogging buddy, A Simple Jew, in which he reviews Nochi Krohn's new CD, Ananim.

ASJ gives the CD a rating of B- (apparently, upgraded from an even lower mark after a couple of more listens).

I must say I am perplexed. I see the CD completely differently. I think the tunes are excellent and the arrangements are very original and fresh. I think it's a great CD.

(Of course, I am nogei'a b'davar. I first met Nochi when he was a 17 year old kid doing the sound for Chaim Dovid. Chaim Dovid also let him play keyboards (just as Shlomo Carlebach let Chaim Dovid play with him, not having any idea that Nochi would turn out to be a fabulous pianist and amazing musician). He was, and remains, one of the sweetest, most humble young men you could ever meet. He has backed up many of the musicians that have played at my shul, including Aron Razel (who is very difficult to play for because his style is so different). He also plays at our annual Lag B'omer hilula (with Eitan Katz) in front of hundreds of people and absolutely rocks the place. We also hired Nochi to play at our son's vort and would have engaged him for the wedding but he was already booked. Finally, Nochi is a big contributor to my own CD, with an original tune, a Carlebach cover, backup vocals and piano on other tunes.)

So, you can take my recommendation with a grain of salt, but I think you will be happy you followed my advice.



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