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Friday, July 13, 2007

Dangerous Roads

I rode my bike out to Point Lookout at about 7:30 this morning. My office is moving around the corner so I didn't go in today.

On two different occasions, I was almost hit by cars making left turns. The first one on my way back, in Long Beach. The dude just wasn't looking. He was trying to beat the oncoming cars and didn't see me (even though I was dressed in a bright yellow shirt). I swerved and managed to avoid him.

The second incident was in Lawrence, on Washington Avenue. I had stopped at a traffic light and started crossing Broadway when the light turned green. There, a woman (whom I know), started making a left, again, hoping to beat oncoming traffic. And, she was talking on a cell phone which was in her left hand. She saw me in time and stopped short.

Two points. It's dangerous on the roads. Many drivers are careless and distracted. So,

WEAR A HELMET WHEN YOU RIDE A BIKE. MAKE SURE IT FITS.(many helmets that I see are ill-fitting or placed incorrectly. A helmet that is lodged in the back of one's head is useless.) MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS WEAR HELMETS.

DON'T RIDE WITH iPODS! Just like you wouldn't drive a car wearing an iPod, kal v'chomer you shouldn't ride a bike. You need to pay attention attention at all time and eliminating your sense of hearing is idiotic.

This has been a public service announcement from MoC.



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