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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lagging Indicator

The main reason I have not posted much recently is that I am insanely busy at work. Things have reached an unprecedented level of craziness and each day brings another challenge the likes I have not seen in 23 years in this business. Make no mistake, I am not complaining. During these times, I am very grateful to be in this position.

A few minutes ago, on a wet and cold night in Manhattan, I called a car service to take me home from work later tonight. In the past, on nights like this, I would have gotten a smirk from the operator who would have told me either "fuggedabodit" or there's a 45 minute wait for cars. Tonight, no problem. "We will call you with a car number 20 minutes before your requested pickup time."

The demise of Wall Street reflected in car service availability.



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