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Monday, May 17, 2004

What We Do II

My previous post apparently doesn't relate just to religious issues.

My wife is extremely makpid (strict) when it comes to putting on suntan lotion. In fact, my children make light-hearted fun of her because she shmears them with lotion any time they go out during the summer, even if it is pouring. You never know....the sun might pierce through the clouds or the weather might change.

The biggest victim of my wife's zealousness has been my older daughter who is fair skinned and gets sunburned just standing in front of the Shabbos candles.

Yesterday morning I was planting the vegetable garden. It was very hot and very sunny. I wasn't wearing lotion but my wife was out so I thought I was safe from the 'mad shmearer'. All of a sudden my older daughter popped outside and asked: "are you wearing suntan lotion?" I said no. She said, "not too smart" and went inside to get the lotion.

Gevalt. We've created another shmearing monster.


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