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Monday, May 10, 2004

Four Girls

Four girls were born to members of my shul last week.

Last week's parsha talked about the concepts of kiddush Hashem (the sanctification of G-d's name) and chilul Hashem (the absence of G-d's name). My Rebbe said that the greatest kiddush Hashem is when erliche Yiddishe kinder (Jewish Children) are born into this world. Hashem's name is sanctified by the very existence of those who recognize His dominion in a world that overwhelmingly rejects His dominion and denies even His existence.

How does one explain a world where, in the same week, four girls, four holy Yiddishe neshamas, are snuffed out in cold blood by our murderous enemies, the ultimate chilul Hashem, and four girls, four holy Yiddishe neshamas, are born, the ultimate kiddush Hashem?

May Hashem reveal the secrets of His unfathomable puzzle, speedily, k'heref Ayin (like the blink of an eye).


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