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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


As if life weren't annoying enough, along comes Bluetooth to drive me even crazier.

Bluetooth is the wireless telephone receiver that you see lodged in people's ears. I have seen people sit through business lunches wearing Bluetooth. I have seen people in shul wearing a Bluetooth right through services. How rude is that?

(I think of Bluetooth as the secular equivalent of Jewish men wearing their hatzolah walkie-talkies in shul At least with Hatzalah, there is, arguably, a higher purpose.)

No doubt, there are times that Bluetooth might make sense. Driving in your car. Um....driving in your car. I actually can't think of any other time were you REALLY need to wear a Bluetooth.

If anyone ever tried to have lunch with me while wearing a Bluetooth, I would walk out (unless the person was important in which case I'd stay and stew).



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