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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two Years

Two years ago today, on a whim, I started blogging. For the record, BloginDm was my initial inspiration. In that time I have posted almost 600 times (not including my biking blog), retired from blogging more times than Michael Jordan, married off a son, lost my father,z'l, was blessed with a grandson (named after my father), changed jobs, more or less lost a fosterboy, was blessed with a foster baby, met some great fellow bloggers, had a lot of fun, and most importantly, was mifarseim the term "Shiny Shoe Music" which is now almost universally accepted, even in the shiny shoe music world. (Chaim Dovid coined the term. We were talking and he referred to the "musicians with the shiny black shoes"; I took it from there). If I do nothing else in my blogging carrer, dayeinu.

Last night I was perusing some of my earlier posts. I was so much sharper back then. The truth is, I don't have much time to think or write about serious (or trivial) issues. In the beginning I blogged because I was bored; now I blog to take breaks from my very intense job. Some people do yoga to relieve stress, I blog (I actually do yoga too but that's a story for another day).

There are issues that I have been meaning to address seriously, e.g., Jewish education, and perhaps I will down the line, probably during weekends.

Finally, I greatly appreciate your attention and comments and I look forward to continuing this silliness until my next scheduled retirement.



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