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Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Very Tough Week for HAFTR

No, this is not what you're thinking. I'm talking hockey.

This evening, DRS's (HALB's boy's high school) varsity hockey team defeated HAFTR's team 2 - 1 in a very hard fought semi-final. This loss comes on the heals of semi-final losses by HAFTR to the DRS Junior Varsity (3-2 in overtime) and to the HALB 7th and 8 th grade team (2 - 0).

How have the mighty fallen.

The game itself was fantastic. This was the third meeting between the teams. Each one was exciting but this was the best played and hardest fought. After giving up a goal in the first two minutes, DRS dominated play the rest of the first period and managed to tie the score with a few minutes remaining.

The second period was plagued by penalties on both sides and there was no real flow to the game. (The refs did a very good job of controlling the game; as it was the game got very physical). The period ended with the score still tied, 1 - 1.

The third period started with DRS narrowly missing a scoring chance on a power play. DRS was then called for a penalty and here is where the game turned. DRS's penalty killer put an easy half court shot on net and followed it aggressively. Instead of pouncing on the ball, the HAFTR goaltender, in a brutal error, failed to get control. DRS's man got to the ball and poked it in for a one-goal lead.

The rest of the period saw an ever more desperate HAFTR team trying to tie the score. Here, however, DRS's greater depth came in to play. Despite HAFTR's desperation, DRS, whose players were generally fresher (because the coaching staff used many more players during the course of the game), had the better of the play for the remainder of the game (and, indeed, had the better scoring chances). The last few minutes were wild, but DRS was able to hold on.

So, next Sunday, IYH, the MoC family will be going to its 6th scholastic hockey championship game of which we have so far won three and lost two. (Sadly for our older son, both losses (each by one goal in varsity championship games) came at the expense of his teams and OYS is 3 - 0, two 7th/8th grade and one JV championship). I am glad that we only have one more year of this. I can't take much more. As our older son said, it is much more nerve-racking to watch these games than to play in them.

As always in these situations, I feel very bad for the boys on the other team. They played very hard and could easily have been on the other side of the score. I especially feel bad for the goalie who will, doubtless, have a bad night tonight. These teams met three times this year and the total goal differencial was only two.

One week to recover.



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