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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fantasy Finale

Since starting the fantasy football season 1 - 6, mired in last place, I made a valiant run and played the last 10 games to a record of 8 - 2, including a finishing winning streak of 5 games. My 9 - 8 record landed me in third place (although I was only 50 total points behind 12 - 5 Joe, and almost 200 points ahead of the second place finisher, Jetsphan).

For someone who knows very little about football, I can't complain. With some help from Joe, I figured out that you don't really need to know much. You just need to follow the free agents, see who is hot, figure out who is not, and look at matchups.

That, and draft LaDamian Tomlinson.

On the real football front, I was disappointed that both the Giants and Jets won because for the first time in weeks, sportstalk radio is missing the suicidal callers who live and die with the fortunes of the Jets and Giants. It is so much more entertaining listening to the callers who are feeling agmas nefesh and listening to their ridiculous solutions. ("The Giants should trade Eli Manning for Tom Brady").

No doubt, next week we will be back to normal with the Giants getting crushed by Philadelphia. (Even if the Jets lose, most Jets fans are very satisfied with what has been a very good and unexpected year).

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