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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Among my many blessings growing up was the fact that I had almost perfect skin. I do not recall ever having to deal with so much as one pimple. As you can imagine, this was no small thing as a teenager. (Speaking of small things, perhaps it was a tikun for having to grow up small. hmmm)

Then, all of a sudden, when I hit the age of 52, I started to see red splotches on my cheeks and nose. After stalling for over a year, MHW finally persuaded me to see the dermatologist. (The only reason I went, in truth, was because I was afraid it might be yenem machlah). I was relieved to have been diagnosed with Rosacea.

The reason I bring this up today is that my firm brought in a professional photographer to take "head shots" of the senior executives. So, of course, yesterday, under immense pressure, my Rosacea started erupting like a volcano.

The good news: The photographer had makeup.



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    you and bill. nice.


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