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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tough Decisions

The nature of my job requires that I make quick decisions. I make many decisions every day, some more important than others but some that are very important. And, I am blessed with pretty good instincts and the confidence to make those decisions on the fly without any hesitation.

Except when it comes to things like dressing the Vance.

This morning I did the early shift on the treadmill so when it was time to dress the Vance, MHW was on the spin bike. Yikes.

I picked out a grey sweater, a white, long sleaved undershirt, a grey skirt and very cute patterned grey tights. But, totally lacking confidence in what I had picked, I called OOD upstairs to take a look at my selections.

"Nice job, Dad. You just have to go with your instincts."

I guess.



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