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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Grand Jury

There are many things I would like to post about but I have been selected for grand jury duty in Nassau County and will be sitting for the entire month of July. The grand jury meets every day from 10 to 5 and I manage my real job before and after court (and every spare free moment of the day, of which there are many). So, it is unlikely that I will be posting much for the remainder of the month.

I won't leave without noting the breakup of HAFTR and Rambam which is the result that I expected three years ago when this Frankenstein's Monster was originally dreamed up. At that time, I posted about how dopey an idea it was, got huge grief from many parties and then deleted the posts because (a) I just couldn't be bothered, and, (b) I felt conflicted because I once helped run HAFTR before a number of geniuses who knew better pushed us out and managed to run it into the ground).

It's good to see that there appears to once again be adult supervision at HAFTR. It may still be too late, but at least they seem to understand how misguided the Machon Hatorah experiment was. My advice to the new administration al regel achas: Fess up to the fact that you are a left wing MO school and run the place accordingly. You might be able to survive in that sweet spot.



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