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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Breakaway Minyan - Follow Up

Cara is upset at Velvel's disparagement of her shul and community (as described in my immediately preceding post). She is also upset that I (as well as Protocols) picked up the thread.

Cara's main issue is that Velvel misrepresented the actual reaction of her shul to his breakaway minyan. She says that only a couple of people made a stink about it but Velvel made it seem that everyone in the shul was up in arms.

Velvel has promised to update his post (which hasn't happened yet) to address Cara's response. As I said in a comment to Cara, my main points were meant to be general, not specific, regarding breakaway minyanim, to wit, that breakaway minyanim are most often signs of a healthy community and that shuls should not get bent out of shape when it happens to them. Cara's point was that, contrary to the impression that Velvel gave (and that I seemed to endorse), her shul was not bent out of shape with the exception of a couple of people who are never in shape.

I apologize for having contributed to this misunderstanding.


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