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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Weird Elevator Story

Or, more precisely, weird man in a perfectly normal elevator story.

I just took the elevator from the lobby of my building to my office on the 16th floor. At the same time, another man, who I'd never seen before, entered the elevator. He pushed the button for the 12th floor but nothing happened. I explained to him that in order to access a floor, you need a special card that you flash against the electronic sensor.

As we were ascending to 16, he asked me if this was a dangerous building to be in. I said no, you just needed an access card which you can get by checking with security in the lobby.

He asked again whether this was a dangerous building to be in. I said no. It's not a dangerous building to be in BECAUSE you need a special access card.

I wonder if this conversation had anything to do with the fact that the 12th floor houses the Screen Actors Guild?



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