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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Train Wreck That is the Knicks

Last night I went to my first Knick game of the year. I only went because "Judah" asked me to take him and I got court side seats (6th row) for free from a very kind Jew.

(Once again, Judah didn't disappoint. In the fourth quarter he walked up to the very front row where there was an empty seat, asked the guy sitting next to the empty seat if he minded, and sat down. Within 30 seconds he was chatting up the guys on either side of him).

The Knicks were blown out (the final score, a 10 point loss, does not reflect the actual nastiness of the game; the Knicks made a surge in the last few minutes but were down by 20 for much of the game) by a team that came into the game with a record of 11-18 and was missing 66 points of scoring due to injuries. (I can honestly say that I had never even heard of any of the players who played last night for the Kings, either in college or the pros).

They are beyond dreadful. Eddie Curry is 75 pounds overweight and plays no defense. Very few others hustle at all. It was painful to watch.

As I have said earlier, in no other company that I know would a chief executive who has had as dismal a performance as Isaiah survive. (And, as a friend pointed out, add the fact that he lost a sexual harassment suit at the cost of $11MM and huge embarrassment to the organization and it's even more mystifying that he's still around).

So what gives?

I thought about it last night. Despite the fact that it was brutally cold outside, the Knicks stink and they were playing a lousy team, the Garden was full. I'm not saying that's how I would measure success for a basketball team but the Dolans apparently continue to rake in the dough despite the dreadfulness of he team so how motivated are they to make any changes?

Go Celtics.



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