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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Early Birds

I was privileged this morning to take the 7:20 a.m. Long Island Railroad train with Our Older Daughter. She began graduate school in social work at my new partner (and alma mater), New York University.

After four years of the fantasy world called Seminary/Stern, OOD has joined the ranks of the commuter, training in to school two mornings a week. OOD does her clinical work three mornings a week. She was quite lucky. She was sure that she'd be assigned to a maximum security prison in the Bronx but ended up at a family clinic 20 minutes from home.

(It is not clear that OOD knew that there was such a thing as 6 a.m. until this morning, her first day of school. As I told her while we were rushing to make the train, "welcome to my life".)

I am proud of OOD and the choices she's made. I bless her that her transition to "morning person" be smooth and painless.



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