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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Sparkling Example of Hashavas Aveida

Last night I had the privilege of dancing at the wedding of the son of a good friend. It was very leibidig. At the beginning of the second dance set I was in the middle of the dance floor when I noticed, on the floor, what looked like a ring. Not missing a step, I swooped down, and picked it up. It was a ring. A diamond engagement ring and not a small one at that. My first reaction was , holy cow! What's this doing here on the men's side of the mechitzah? My second was, wow, someones missing a diamond ring!

I put the ring in my pocket and, after the set, went to the ba'al simcha who asked the band leader to announce a found ring.

Very quickly, my first question was answered. A young man claimed the ring. I asked him how it ended up on the men's side of the dance floor. He said that when he and his wife went to wash for hamotzi, she gave him her ring and he put it in his shirt pocket. If apparently flew out during the dancing. He was very grateful, saying something along the lines of "I would have been a dead man", or something like that. I said I was pleased to have been an agent of T'chias Ha'maisim.



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