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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Elevating In Israel

Alyn Hospital has just released the road maps and elevation maps for its 5th Annual Wheels of Love Bike Tour which I will be doing, IYH, in October.

It is not for the feint of heart.

While the whole ride is tough, (about 105 kilometers a day for four days and a final 29k climb to Yerushalayim on the fifth day) two parts stand out. On the fourth day there is a 5.5k, 400 meter vertical climb (almost a quarter of a mile up) to Metzukei Dragot and on the last day there is a 1200 meter (about 3/4 mile), 29 kilometer climb from the Dead Sea to Yerushalayim, an average 4% grade.

Although the ride is very difficult, I am told that anyone who trains reasonably well and is in decent shape can do it without major problems. I am psycho so I will be training like a madman.

There is still room if anyone wants to join. Details here.

If anyone wants to sponsor me (Alyn Hospital is a pediatric rehab hospital in Jerusalem) click here. Use MoChassid as the name of the rider.


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