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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Trippin' With the Baby V, The Passport is in the Building

MHW got a call from the firm that is expediting the passport process for the Baby. The passport has arrived. Now we just need to fetch it from Brooklyn. Once again, kudos to the people at OHEL who went above and beyond the call to get this done.

On another front, yesterday I purchased an umbrella stroller for 30 bucks so that we wouldn't have to carry the Baby all around the airport for a bunch of hours (she's no lightweight any more). We've already lined up a regular stroller and car seat in Israel so this will work out well since it's small and light.

Someone suggested that we give the Baby Benedryl on the flight so that she sleeps but we will pass on that suggestion. The flight is right at her bedtime so we're hoping she justs goes to sleep in the bassinet provided by the airline.

If she doesn't, I'll need the Benedryl!



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