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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Last Science Fair

I have been ranting for years about the uselessness of school science fairs to all but the two or three eggheads that populate each elementary school class.

Baruch Shepetrani.

Our younger daughter just finished her eighth grade science fair project. That means we're done forever with this nonsense. OYD spent all day Sunday working on it, did a masterful job, and got a grade of 100.

The project, though, really had nothing to do with science. It had to do with writing and computer skills, and to some extent, logical thinking. But not science.

The same skills could be engaged in a topic of much more interest and importance to the children. Pick your topic. Jewish history, tefilah, Zionism, etc.

My days of screaming about science fairs are officlally over. Now it's your problem.

CAVEAT: If the Baby stays with us, we will choose an elementary school based solely on whether or not they have science fairs. (Not really, but it's nice to dream)).



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