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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Teachers Conferences Updated

Last night MHW and I went to OYS's conferences. Thankfully, the last time that I expect to attend conferences for him (really, is there a point in going to a second-semester senior's conferences?).

The best analogy for last night is how my dad, z'l, viewed going to Mets games. Although he was a devoted Mets fan and prefered it when the Mets won, he measured the success of an outing to a game by how quickly he got out of the parking lot after the game.

Likwise, although I am a devoted dad (and the reports from the teachers were very positive, especially for a hockey-playing senior, the equivalent, I suppose, of a Mets win), I measure the success of last night by the fact that we were in and out in a half hour and waited on exactly zero lines.

As my dad would have said about the reservation system, America gonif.



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