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Thursday, December 07, 2006

More America Gonif

OYS called me late yesterday afternoon. Apparently, all meaning to his life would disappear if I were not able to score a few tickets to tonight's Ranger's game. I called a couple of my chaverim in the Greater Metropolitan Legal Community and was able to nail down four premium ducats.

(Interestingly, since the tickets I got were still available at 2 p.m. today, it is pretty safe to say that they would probably have ended up in the trash bin had I not asked for them. I wonder how many law firm tickets go unused).

Problem: How do I get them, and, how do I get them to OYS? (I was not initially sure whether I would be permitted to join OYS and his friends. As it turns out, OYS is graciously permitting me to attend so long as I behave).

Not to worry. Today, you can simply email tickets and print them out on regular paper. Once the paper ticket is scanned, any duplicate of that ticket becomes void automatically.

Amercia Gonif!



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