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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spring in the Air

This morning's walk from Penn Station to work was downright tropical compared to the last two weeks. Just another sign of spring.

* Pitchers and catchers reported last week; regular players start coming this week .(certainly the number one sign of spring). The good news: it won't be long before we won't even have to hear about the tedious NBA.

* I had my bike, newly returned from Israel, cleaned and tuned. I also added an 8 function computer (what we used to call a speedometer; now they are too fancy to be called speedeometers). Of course, if I can figure out how to use just four of the functions (speed, average speed, distance and cadence), I will be thrilled. It is amazing how dirty my bike got during my Israeli sojourns. What a dustbowl that joint is! All I need now is another 30 degrees and I'll be back on the bike.

* Rosh Chodesh Adar. Purim in less than two weeks!



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