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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plates: What Am I Missing?

Shul was very crowded this morning (Rosh Chodesh; why it's more crowded on Rosh Chodesh, I don't get, but I digress) and, running a couple of minutes late, I had to park quite a bit away.

I passed a bunch of cars, including one that had licence plates that had "PSY" running vertically on the side, and another that said "RX".

This distracted my entire davening.

All I could think of all davening was "Why would someone bother putting 'PSY' or 'RX' on his plates" (it has to be a "his"; no woman would bother with this narishkeit)? Is it a 'I'm not a doctor but I'm just as important' ego thing? It can't be that they expect to avoid a ticket by telling the cop, "sorry, officer, I was speeding because I'm a psychologist and my patient was about to jump off the roof", or, "sorry, officer, I really have to fill this prescription". Yeah, that'll work.

Like, who cares that your a psychologist?

I'm a lawyer. Do I go around with JD plates?

Help me out with this one, people.



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