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Monday, May 04, 2009

Kiddush Hashem

As you can imagine, there are countless thoughts still swirling around in my brain about OOD's wedding and I am still overwhelmed emotionally. Those thoughts and feelings I will keep to myself.

I will share the following.

I work in a small office and invited all of the professionals, none of whom are Jewish, to the wedding. Since none had even been to an Orthodox Jewish wedding before, I also sent around a "primer", walking them through the wedding step by step.

Well, they were all completely blown away by the experience. From the food to the badekin, through the ceremony and dancing. They were amazed by the whole spectacle.

When I cam back the next morning, the four women profesionals jumped me and started asking me questions. Two of them are mothers; one of two high school age girls and one of a five year old. What impressed them the most was how lovely OOD's friends were. They were deeply impressed by how beautiful they looked, all while dressing so modestly.

The mom of the teens (a religious Catholic) is in the midst of a battle with her own daughters over what they will be wearing to senior prom (She asked me to email a picture of the bride so that she could show her daughters how it is possible to look beautiful without "letting it all hang out"). The mom of the five year old, a very proper preppie-type, was astonished and expressed her ongoing concerns about keeping her own daughter "tzenuah". (They did ask me "what's with the wigs", but that's another story).

So, BH, along with everything else that was holy and beautiful, the wedding was an immense kiddush Hashem, at least to the people in my office.



  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Mrs. Belogski said…

    Mazal tov! how wonderful, not only to bring your daughter to the chupa, but to make such a beautiful kiddush Hashem at the same time.


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