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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hatzolah Rocks

This past Shabbos afternoon, I came down with a bug. Within hours, despite trying my best to keep up with the fluids, I was dehydrated. I tried to wait until after Shabbos to call Hatzolah but started cramping, a sign that I had run out of time.

I called Hatzolah and they arrived withing five minutes. They checked my vitals and hooked me up with an IV. After an hour I was feeling much better.

The HAtzolah guys are great. They treated me with courtesy and humour. Most importantly, they listened to me and followed my treatment advice (which is different from how most people would be treated under these circumstances). I explained that I get dehydrated every once in a while and that I knew what I was talking about. They accepted it. This saved me an unneccesary trip to the hospital and a lot of aggravation.

By Sunday morning, I was back to normal (or as normal as I get).

One of the Hatzolah guys even called my home the next two days to see how I was doing.

Hatzolah Rocks.



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