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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is There A Doctor on the Road?

I was looking at the 50 participants who are doing the "On Road Challenge" of the Alyn Ride. There are at least 6 student/soldiers on the ride, including one female. I love these guys (and gal). 5 of them are Anglo Israelis and one is from the States. They are the sweetest kids, polite and respectful and awesome riders. I expect to mainly see their backs.

There is only one other woman on the challenge ride. This is her third ride and she is very tough. One of my goals is to not get dropped by her.

The best news is that 9 of the riders, almost 20%, are doctors, including one emergency medicine doctor and one anesthesioligist. I hope he has good drugs. I feel better already.

The other good news is that there are at least two riders who don't seem to belong on the challenge ride. At least I won't be last.


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