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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Awesome Argument

The oral argument that took place yesterday afternoon was even better than I had expected. The judge was amazingly well prepared. Frightening, in fact. She knew and had notes on every single case that was cited and pressed counsel for each side very hard. The lawyers, in turn, especially ours, responded very articulately and confidently.

(Fifteen Minutes of Fame Moment: I was sitting in the back of the courtroom listening intently and taking notes. At one point during the opponent's argument, they characterized the contract at issue in a certain way and the judge seemed to go along with it. I quickly scribbled some notes explaining why that argument was, factually, incorrect (my point was based on my knowledge of the market, not any great legal insights), and handed them to an associate of the lawyer doing our argument. Our guy used those notes to rebut the point made by the opponent. So, unexpectedly, I had some small role in the argument.)

I am actually quite hopeful that we will prevail, an outcome that was absolutely discounted when I persuaded our board to join this case two years ago. If we do prevail, it will be Good For The Jews (at least THIS Jew).



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