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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Despite the fact that my starting quarterback and top wide receiver, together averaging 45 points per game, had byes, and despite the fact that my replacement QB and wide receiver stunk up the joint (4.5 points together when they had been averaging about 30 points together), I managed to crush the previously unbeaten Team Akiva to take first place with a 4-1 record. I was helped by an uncharacteristically good points day from Kerry Rhodes who had 9 tackles.

Going into Monday night I had a strong lead. Only a monumental game from Tony Romo could have cost me the win. I went to sleep after the first half of the Dallas-Buffalo game knowing that the game was in the bag after Romo threw three interceptions. Sure enough, kach havah.

I have been extremely lucky so far in that my team has so far been entirely injury free. (I knew it was a good move hiring a world class trainer). I have also been fortunate to win even though LT is playing very pedestrian football so far. (He did cost me my one loss by scoring only 9 points; I lost that game by 5).

In a couple of weeks I go on a two week road trip where I will have very limited access to computers. I hope I can sustain the momentum during that time.



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