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Monday, October 01, 2007

Has MoC Turned a Corner?

Could it be that the combination of the spirit of the Yomim Noraim and MHW's spiritual influence has finally had an impact?

Let me explain.

Over yom tov, two of the most annoying people in the shul (davening-wise) sat in close proximity to me. One, Mr. Loud Davener, sat in the row behind me. He is the guy who says pesukai d'zimrah in a voice that can be heard in the next county. The second, Mr. Breslov Man, sat right next to me (since both my sons have abandoned me in my old age) and was having a personal discussion with G-d the entire time, hand-waves, eye rolls, sighs and everything.

In the old days (like last month) I would have absolutely gone crazy. I probably would have gotten up early to go the the hashkamah minyan. As it is, I simply moved into the aisle while saying the amidah so that Mr.Breslov wouldn't distract me and I tried to ignore Mr. Loud Davener. I think it helps that I happen to like Mr. Breslov Man very much; he's a very sweet young man who is learning in Israel and is completely sincere. He is not putting on a show; he is simply expressing how he feels.

I think I'm going soft.



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