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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kavanah Deficit

Not that it takes much to dustract me, but on Shabbos, as I was walking into shul I met a friend who is also doing the Alyn Ride. I asked him how he was doing and he said he was ready. Then, he told me he was worried about the climb up the Carmel on Wednesday. He said it was a very big climb (I think he said 1800 feet) in just three miles.

So, instead of concentrating on davening, I spent the rest of the morning visualizing that ride. It's a good thing MHW davens with kavanah no matter what. At least one of us is pulling her weight.

Question for Steve: How does Carmel compare to Nes Harim and Maale Akrabim?

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  • At 4:33 PM, Blogger PsycleSteve said…

    Since when am I the "chacham" of all climbs???

    Never been there, but from the Alyn maps it looks like a continuous 500m climb over 10km which averages a 5% grade. That's about the same grade as the local Bear Mtn climb (1300ft over 4.5 miles) except the Carmel climb is 25% longer. Maale Akravim was much steeper (over 10%) but much shorter. I've never done Nes Harim but I've heard that its ~7% for three miles.

    Since you all but abandoned me on the challenge ride - I'm expecting your company on the Carmel climb!! I'm trying to talk the wife and daughter into doing it also...

  • At 8:46 AM, Blogger MoChassid said…

    I would be happy to keep you company on the Carmel climb if I can keep up with you.

    Are you sure Carmel is 10K? I thought it was only 5K. I will have to look again.

  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger MoChassid said…

    Never mind, I took another look. You are correct, it looks like it's 10k. That's not such a big deal; just long, as you said.


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