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Monday, February 11, 2008

Breakfast With The Toddler

Yesterday morning, The Toddler and I went to Breakfast at Central Perk.

I davened at the 7 a.m. minyan and returned close to 8 to find the little one up and rarin' to go. MHW slipped out to go to the chick's gym and I hopped on my spin bike. TT came down to the basement to hang out with me and play. And play she did, in her imaginary world that seems so special. I got to ride for a full hour without interruption.

After the workout I asked TT if she wanted to go to a restaurant for breakfast. I'm not sure if she knew exactly what I meant at first but something must have registered and she got excited. I asked her what she was going to order and she said "scambled eggs". I asked her if she also wanted chocolate milk and she got upset; "No, scambled eggs!"

I decided to defer to another time explaining that scambled eggs and chocolate milk were not mutually exclusive.

I quickly showered and off we went.

We took a table for two and ordered. I got the usual (well-done Belgian Waffle) and TT ordered a cheese omelet (Do you think she knows the difference between a cheese omelet and scambled egss?).

The waitress was amazed at how well behaved TT was and also at how nicely she ate the eggs. She uses a fork like someone many years her senior (in fact I don't think either of our boys eats as neatly as she does ad hayom hazeh). Not only that, but she also ate all the vegetables that came with the accompanying salad. Black olives, green olives, tomtoes, cucumbers.

So, all in all, TT and I had spent a lovely Sunday morning together and had a wonderful bonding experience.



  • At 8:10 PM, Blogger SuperRaizy said…

    Good for you! So many fathers don't think about spending one-on-one time with their daughters. She's lucky to have you.


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