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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Day For Judah

Tomorrow is "Judah's" 14th birthday.

Since leaving our home (for the second time) when he was about 9, he has been living in children's residences. He has been the only Jewish kid in those residences for all those years. Despite that, mainly because of the mesiras nefesh (sacrifice) of a handful of holy Jews who live nearby, he remains very connected. He is connected to G-d and remains connected to us.

One week from tomorrow Judah will be leaving the residence and joining his new foster family. He has been spending weekends with the family for the past few months and it's gone very well. We are very hopeful that his new home will work out.

But we are so happy that he is finally moving on.

It is a good time to give kavod to Judah's wonderful Ohel case worker, Tova Hisler, who has looked after him for the past few years with love and devotion.

May Hashem grant Judah the happiness and stability and menuchas hanefesh (peace of mind) that he deserves.



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