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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Answering To A Higher Authority

This afternoon, I had just cut some watermellon and placed it on a plate which I put on the kitchen table. TT swooped in, took the plate and walked into the den where she proceeded to eat it.

MHW told her that eating in the den was not permissible and I took the plate and placed it back on the kitchen table, at her spot.

TT then said to me: "I want to eat in the den".

I, invoking a higher authority, responded, "Ima (mommy) said you can't eat in the den."

TT, trumping me with an even higher authority said, "Hashem told me I could eat in the den."

Oh boy. I needed to think quickly....

I responded, "Hashem told you?" She nodded.

I continued, "But Hashem didn't tell Ima that you could eat in the den. Until Hashem tells Ima you can eat in the den, you have to eat in the kitchen."

TT thought about it for a second and went back to chomping on the watermellon.

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