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Friday, April 16, 2004

Talmid Chacham in Residence

I have, in the past, raved and screamed about the tendency in MO shuls to invite for Shabbos "scholars in residence" who, while fine Jews, are mainly administrators, academics or politicians, who discuss politics or ideology but never Torah, the parsha, Shabbos or anything connected to the sanctity of the day.

I was therefore very happy to see that the Young Israel of Woodmere, one of the offending institutions I cited, is hosting Rav Asher Weiss, shlit'a, an English speaking, Klosenberg Chassid living in Yerushalayim, who not only is an immense talmid chacham and brilliant author ("Minchas Asher" on Bereishis, Shmos, the Hagaddah and some masechtas of Gemorah, so far) but a wonderful and inspiring public speaker.

Call me crazy, but I have no doubt that the YIW kehilah is far better off spending a Shabbos learning Torah from this great tzaddik than listening to, for example, lectures about why Torah Umadda is an important ideology.


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