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Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend Update

I had a very eventful weekend but I am way too busy to meaningfully blog right now.


* Aron Razel stayed with us for Shabbos and had amazing things to say about Moshe Skier.

* I got Hagbah on Shabbos morning (But it doesn't really count).

* I was visited by my chaverim from Hatzolah on Shabbos afternoon (good thing I didn't come down too hard on them last week).

* I missed the Razel/Katz/ Boianjiu (and, as it turns out Elli Kranzler) concert on motsai Shabbos, spending the evening at home with an IV.

* I celebrated my birthday on Sunday (now, I'm officlally even older than I was).

* I celebrated our younger son's varsity hockey championship on Sunday evening (his fourth championship in his five year's of playing scholastic hockey - amazing).

If I get around to it I will try to elaborate later in the day or tonight. Otherwise it will have to wait until at least Wednesday.

Until then...



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