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Friday, April 07, 2006

I Don't Get It

I can understand and explain complex credit derivatives and other financial structures but I don't understand the food business.

This morning on my way to work, I passed by My Most Favorite Dessert Company, a restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I often stop there to pick up a bagel for breakfast. This morning, I passed by only to see a "Closed, Kashering for Pesach" sign taped to their door.

After getting over my disappointment (I keep a box of cereal in my office so I didn't go hungry), I tried to process this.

How can it be worthwhile for a dairy restaurant to close Friday through Tuesday in order to be open for Pesach, especially this year (when there are only two useful days of Chol Hamoed).

I understand that Friday is probably their slowest day. That, I get. But what about Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, especially when, you would think, people want to eat out because their houses have been turned for Pesach.

I might understand if they were a fleishig restaurant and where planning on hosting sedarim. But they are a dairy restaurant.

Are their prices so high, and volume so heavy, on Pesach that they can justify the cost of turning their kitchen Pesachdigand closing for at least three good days to be open for two on Pesach?

(I guess so, otherwise why would they do it?).

Can anyone help me out?



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