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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ode To A Pot

Every year in the days leading up to Pesach, I bring up from the basement a massive, 16 gallon pot. MHW uses that pot, and another, smaller, one, to make chicken soup for the entire Pesach. (Those of you who have followed this blog know my feelings about chicken soup, i.e., the main reason G-d created Shabbos is so that Jews can have chicken soup on Friday night).

MHW makes the soup and I strain it and put it into plastic containers.

Then I wash the big pot and bring it back down to the basement. This pot's work is done BEFORE PESACH EVEN BEGINS. One soup and back into storage until the same time next year. Now THAT is mesiras nefesh.

Let's hear it for the big pot.



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