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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Name Change: The Toddler Formerly Known As The Baby

The Baby is now taking her first tentative steps (very tentative). As she starts to walk and asserts her independence on a more frequent basis, it is getting increasingly more difficult to think of her as a baby. Therefore, I am officially changing her name to The Toddler Formerly Known as The Baby, or, The Toddler, for short.

The other day, for example, MHW was about to give the Toddler her nighttime bottle. MHW sat down on the den couch, put the Toddler on her lap and tried to feed her (as she had done since The Toddler was 10 weeks old). Fuggedabodit.

The Toddler squirmed off MHW's lap and sat on the couch herself. She took the bottle in her hands, leaned all the way back and sucked down the milk. It is now impossible to feed the Toddler her nighttime bottle any other way (although, curiously, she will let you feed her her morning bottle).

Her language is starting to develop (she is starting to call me Ah-bah and say Amen to Brachas (I hope this does not cause Dov Bear to call her a kofer based on some Rambam) and, in general, is showing a sense of independence and a strong will. This is no baby.

She is also learning fast. We had the good fortune to host the temporarily homeless OOS, OHDIL and the grandkids last week. A number of times MHW took Shmuel and the Toddler for walks in the new double stroller that we bought for the OOS family (I think it cost about as much as Lance Armstrong's time trial bike). MHW gave each of the kids a granola bar (what did you expect, a real candy bar?). After a few minutes, she heard a scream. Shmuel, who eats much faster than the Toddler, had finished his own granola bar and yanked the Toddler's out of her hand. The Toddler wasn't happy.

The next time MHW took them out for a walk, the Toddler held onto her granola bar for dear life. No one was depriving her of even one bite. No fool she.

So, mazel tov to The Toddler Formerly Known as the Baby on her graduation from babyhood. May we be privileged to share many more such milestones.



  • At 7:20 PM, Blogger Ezer K'negdo said…

    I find your posts about The Baby (oops now The Toddler!) so moving. you and your wife are doing such a huge mitzvah. I hope to be able to open our home one day to more children in the way you and your wife have. Thanks for keeping those of us in blog-land updated!

  • At 8:32 PM, Blogger Uberimma said…

    I remember a few months ago you posted that you gave the Toddler a Hebrew name. Since it isn't her legal name (I'm assuming) do we get that? although, as I type, I'm thinking that names in general really doesn't go with the MoC motif. Well, anyway. We like hearing about her, whatever she's called.

  • At 9:06 PM, Blogger MoChassid said…


    Can't give the name. Reread that post. there's a remez of her hebrew name.


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