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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Whose Been Driving MY Car

I have in the past lamented the loss of dominion over my car. It occurred to me that now, with two of our kids driving, I often have to guess which of them drove last. These are the clues:

* If the steering wheel is sticky, OYS drove it last. The wheel is covered with a fine coating of icing from a Dunkin Donuts coffee roll.

* If there is a Torah tape in the cassette player, OOD drove it last.

* If the radio is set to an FM station at an ear-splitting decibel level, OYS drove it last.

* If the car is parked two feet or more from the curb, OOD drove it last.

* If the gas tank is empty, either of them could have driven it. They don’t do gas.



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