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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kiddie Update

It is difficult to keep all my constituents happy all the time but I realize that I haven't posted much on the little ones in our lives lately so here goes.

The Toddler continues to thrive, BH. Her language continues to develop nicely and she is as cute as ever. She has successfully processed the fact that when she goes to shul she gets a "yoppipop" so she is anxious to go there as often as possible. She also has a "terrible two" side which she is not shy about displaying. All in all, she is a very happy two year old. It is now one month short of two years that she has been with us and there is nothing new to report on that front.

A new dimension has been added by the return from Israel for the summer of the OOS family, including our two grandchildren. Shmuel, who is now 27 months old, talks in full sentences and is beyond cute. (He is fascinated by our automatic garage door which he'd never seen in Israel. He calls the garage a "good rahge". Far be it from me to correct him. In fact, I urge him on by asking "is it a VERY good rahge?" to which he responds, "very good rahge".)

The second biggest beneficiary of the temporary move back to the States (we are the first) is our granddaughter Atara who is 11 months old. Since Shmuel is often busy playing with The Toddler, he more or less ignores her rather than terrorizes her. TT isn't threatened by Atara and views her, instead, as a curiosity (although she covets the baby's pacifier which she is only permitted in the crib). Atara is very content to be left alone.

So, it's very leibidig at the MoC household this summer and we cherish the opportunity.

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