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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Honey Dishes and the Circle of Life

This is how it works.

You get married. Perhaps you get a nice crystal honey dish as an engagement present. You don't get to use it because for the first few years you go to your parents or in-laws for yom tov.

You finally get to stay home but you still don't use the honey dish because, in the meantime, you've been blessed with kids who are attending nursery or kindergarten where they (really their teachers) make paper honey dishes which, of course, are more precious to you than any crystal.

And, if you're as sentimental as MHW, you keep using those paper honey dishes through the years, long after your youngest has "graduated" from kindergarten. You use them until they disintegrate or your youngest is already embarrassed that you're still using hers.

Finally, you get to use your beautiful crystal honey dish. The years have passed. Your 'little one' is now fifteen. The crystal honey dish is very pretty indeed, but you miss using the old paper honey dishes.

If you are fortunate, perhaps your grandchildren will come to you for yom tov soon, bringing their own paper honey dishes (or send them by mail from Israel). (And, in our case, may we be zoche for TT to bring one home in a couple of years).

And the circle of life continues.

May you all be zoche to use your own paper honey dishes.

Best wishes for a shana tova u'mesukah. A year of peace and parnasah and of b'soros tovos. I ask mechilah for anything I've written here that may have offended anyone.