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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Scam of The Century

I just received the bill from Yeshiva University (the main beneficiary of my annual income after the government) for OOS's graduate school. OOS is going for his masters at the Block program at Wertzweiler. This program includes three summers of intensive class work and two years of clinical field work (which he does in Israel).

The 6 weeks of classwork costs over $10,000. While there are occasional tidbits of useful information, much of the classwork is radical left-wing, psycho-babble, feel-good nonsense. (It is not unusual for me to receive text messages from OOS from class that say things like "Please shoot me" or I'm going to jump out the window".) But, it is what it is.

More amazing is that in addition to the $10,000 for classwork, I get to pay over $7,000 for each year of OOS's clinical work! Keep in mind that OOS works pretty much full time with some of the most dysfunctional situations that you can imagine** and doesn't receive a single shekel!

The good news is that there is only one more summer to go.

** All kidding aside, the clinical program in which OOS is enrolled is fantastic, he has outstanding supervisors and he is being exposed to amazing learning experiences. I am happy to pay for that even if I don't get it.



  • At 6:16 AM, Blogger OOS said…

    sorry dad

    But to quote from your own words, "go have kids."

  • At 12:09 PM, Blogger PsychoToddler said…

    My oldest son is a senior at the local Chofetz Chaim and as of this moment appears to be the only boy in his class interested in college for next year.

    He wants to go to YU for many reasons, not the least of which is that he sees his sister blooming over there.

    The problem is that we cannot afford to pay YU tuition for two kids (fudge will be a senior next year). Moreover, I have two more HS boys behind him who are also looking at YU as an attractive option.

    I know you've heard me kvetch about this before, but despite my "MD" I'm in a low-paid medical specialty, and I currently shell out over 60K a year Cash money for our kids' tuition. Not including give or get. Or expenses (plane fair).

    I don't know what to tell my son. He is getting very discouraged by his prospects. I really hope YU can work with me on this.

  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger uberimma said…

    The one I really didn't get was when my university expected me to pay them the usual full tuition for the year I was planning to study abroad--even though I would never step foot on their campus or get anything from them, and the tuition and fees where I was going were about a tenth of what I was expected to pay. I asked where the money was going and was told "administrative costs." I said forget it and did it on my own.

  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger MoChassid said…


    What about a year at yeshiva in Israel? OYS is at Shaalvim and it's less than half the cost of YU and generally gets you a full year's worth of college credit at YU (of course, YU takes their vig as "administrator" of the plan but it's still much cheaper). By then, Fudge is out and you're down to one college tuition.

    BTW, if it makes you feel any better (and I'm sure it doesn't), my tuition bill this year is over $90,000 cash money.

    (But I do see the light at the end of the tunnel).

  • At 2:29 PM, Blogger PsychoToddler said…

    I've certainly suggested it to him, but I'm not sure he's interested (even after the recent Israel trip).

    However it just delays the inevitable because I have currently a senior, junior, and freshman in HS and conceivably I could have 3 in college all at once!

    As for lights...tunnels...remember The PT?

  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger MoChassid said…


    We have TT. The thing is, by the time I have to really worry about her tuition, three of our four kids will be out of college, two finished with grad school. I'll deal with it.

  • At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Feh. You should make the kid take out loans and pay for it himself. And your critism of the class is pretty close minded.

  • At 6:13 PM, Blogger MoChassid said…


    WADR, whether to pay for your kids' post graduate work is personal; I can see both sides.

    And, believe me, I'm not being close minded. As reported by OOS, most of the classes are a waste of time (while the clinical work is fantastic).

  • At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Jerry said…

    Isn't it nice your son won't have these problems?
    With his salary as an Israeli social worker, he'll probably be in a better position to pay Israeli tuitions (even college- ~$2000) than almost anyone!

  • At 8:50 AM, Blogger MoChassid said…


    You have that right!


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