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Monday, November 26, 2007

K'Shoshana, Shir Chadash Version


The motsai Shabbos gig by Aron Razel, Shlomo Katz and Chaim Dovid at Shir Chadash in the German Colony in which they debuted the new CD was a huge success. Standing room only and I am told people were turned away.

The trio went through the CD in order and then played some individual stuff. MHW was there and really liked it (but, of course, she's not totally objective).

If anyone was there I'd love to get your feedback.

I am hoping to put something like this together in the US, perhaps in February.



  • At 12:59 AM, Anonymous Julie said…

    i was there (that's actually my vids that rubin posted). wall-to-wall packed. like a sardine can (and it wasn't a small auditorium). looked like people were really enjoying the show.

    i thought the performance was good technically (on key, in time etc) but the trio seemed a little stiff. there wasn't a lot of chemistry, imo. maybe they were nervous or it was an off night (everyone gets those). maybe with experience the chemistry will come (if it wasn't just an off night).


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