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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Interesting Times"

I received the following email tonight from a good chaver from Israel. (Names have been changed in respect of their privacy).

Hope you enjoyed your visit here. I have to share this story with you, a rather wild incident that took place tonight.

After Ma'ariv I went out to (a town) to learn with my son. So there we are in the middle of the Tichon (High School) Beis Midrash and all of a sudden we hear what sounds like gun shots coming from the hall. Suddenly one of the boys comes running into the Beis Midrash screaming "Terrorist, terrorist" and turns off the lights. As soon as this happens the boys in the Beis Midrash dive to the floor and are silent. As I'm crouching down to the floor I reach for my gun at which point my son, Yitzchak, grabs my arm and yells - "Abba, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you about the drill!" ..... "Interesting" times.

Shenishma bsurot tovot,



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