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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Great School

OYS arrived in New York on Monday morning. I was able to arrange a flight on El Al through my Matmid points but the best I could do was a flight to Newark. OYS's main concern was that he get back home in time to daven shachris at his old high school on the morning of his arrival. (He did).

I find this quite remarkable and a real testament to the warmth and excellence of his school. And it isn't only OYS. I know that many of his friends flocked back to the school as soon as they could. Indeed, OYS and many of his classmates are spending most of their time bein hazmanim at the DRS Bais Medrash.

And the school, its Menahel, its Rabbeim (and its coaches) go out of their way to keep up this kesher.

Rock on.



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