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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Roundup UPDATED

1. WQ Report: Pretty high but not stratospheric.

2. Riding Report: I rode thirty eight miles today with a group of about 20 Alyn riders. I was supposed to do 60 but the ride was going so slow that I wouldn't have been done until 1:30 or later so I bugged out early. For someone who hasn't been on a bike since November (except for 26 miles last Sunday), and doesn't get to the gym nearly as much as I used to, I wasn't bad.

(The problem with today's ride was a microcosm of the problem with the Alyn ride. Too may slow riders for whom we have to wait. Sixty miles should take less than 4 hours including breaks; we were only at mile 24 after more than 2.5 hours. I'm looking forward to OOS's return for the summer because he is an ideal riding partner; a bit better than I so he pushes me, but not so much better than me that it's boring for him).

3. The Toddler: Tonight we moved her into her bed. She had a really busy day and was extremely tired, a good time to make the transition. At first she was reluctant but after we moved her stuff from her crib to the bed and made a big fuss, she was cool. She fell asleep almost instantly. Let's see if she makes it through the night.

UPDATE: TT slept until 6 a.m. As I was about to leave for shul, she got out of bed, walked into the hall and started whimpering. I took hr into our bedroom and she snuggled up to MHW. I think she's going to dig this new gig.

I will try to expand on my "decline and fall of the Jblogosphere tomorrow, work permitting.

UPDATE: I have successfully insulted many of the good bloggers whom I do still follow, such as Gil and Jameel the Chpped Liver Man (and my inspiration, BloginDm, who hasn't commented). When I have time, I will explain more fully what I meant.

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