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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mass Murderer

This story blows me away. She is nothing less than a mass murderer.

But the case blows me away less than it might have prior to my grand jury experience.

Of the 60 cases we heard, probably at least a third were DUI cases, most of them involving repeat offenders with very high levels of alcohol or drugs (or both) in their systems. Very scary stuff. I can report that the grand jury had no sympathy for any of those defendants. We voted to indict in every single case, even where a guy was under the influence of a cocktail of prescription pain killers (don't feel bad; I found out later that he was also a serial drunk driver).

(After one particularly egregious case that we heard on the penultimate day, I asked the ADA whether the driver would have to serve time. I was disappointed when she could not assure me that he would).

It is hard to fathom what compels a woman to drive with her own children in the car while drinking the equivalent of ten shots and smoking weed. It was also frustrating to hear case after case of alcoholics and drug offenders (whose licences had frequently been revoked) getting behind the wheel of a car while totally drunk.



  • At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Human nature is always going to puzzle us.
    I am an alcoholic and to my shame drove my own kids many times when drunk. And I can give you one answer as to why: You don't want to admit you've been drinking, so you have to operate as if you hadn't. Sick, but alcoholics are sick.
    I don't drink any more.

  • At 3:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is a well-writtten post. It is thought-provoking. Keep writing!

    This is Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News

  • At 9:52 AM, Blogger MoChassid said…


    If you post another comment like this I will have to ban you for life.


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